The desk breaks down the road to the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2017 Grand FInal.

Smix sat down with FaZe's AWPer to talk about his loss of motivation when he played for Na'Vi.

Another look into the IGL in game perspective with Astralis' Gla1ve.

The Grand Final HyperX X-Factors goe to Astralis and FaZe's AWPers.

Ever wondered how IGL's process everything on their plate? Here's a small peak into Gla1ve's in game vision.

The HyperX X-Factor of the Astralis vs Cloud9 match goes to the young Kjaerbye.

CRUNCH TIME! Smix caught up with Stewie2K yesterday in the Cheeze-It Grooves lounge before the Cloud9 vs Astralis match.

CS:GO Pros share how they warm up and get in the zone before a match.

Janko breaks down FaZe's aggression against EnVyUs on Overpass.

The desk discuss Karrigan's and Happy's different styles as IGLs.

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