FaZe Clan and G2 powered through Group A and advanced to the Playoffs. Here’s a recap of how the super teams got the job done.

With a Major title under his belt, Na'Vi's Team Captain and IGL Zeus received the Group A HyperX X-Factor last night.

Richard gets inappropriate with casting.

Something awesome is coming to ELEAGUE on September 8... keep an eye out!

The HyperX X-Factor during the OG vs Infamous game goes to OG's blood thirst, no respect, and no fear attitude that secured them the victory.

ELEAGUE ran into NBA Point Guard Jeremy Lin at The International and he shares what he loves about Dota 2 and why he plays it.

Amazing Cosplayers at The International share who they are cosplaying as and why they do it.

What do pro Dota 2 players do after winning a big game? Find out.
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The HyperX X-Factor goes to OG’s victory over DC because of their never give up attitude.

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